Cruise to Grosse-Île

Shrouded in mystery and inaccessible for decades, Grosse-Ile unveils its secrets!

Cruise to Isle-aux-Grues

An archipelago to discover!

Razorbill Observation Cruise

For a limited time!


Discover Grosse-Île

Cruise to Grosse-Ile

Cruise to Isle-aux-Grues

Razorbill Observation Cruise

Cruise and Fireworks

Cruise to Ile-au-Canot


For over 175 years, the Lachance family has been plying the waters of the St. Lawrence around the 21 magnificent islands of the Isle-aux-Grues Archipelago. The simple canoes used in the old days were, over time, joined by iceboats and fishing boats. Today, they are proud to have visitors discover the beauty of their beloved islands aboard splendid cruise boats.

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"J'ai adoré ma nouvelle expérience Grosse-Île. J'ai pu constater ses améliorations continues et surtout la façon libre de la visiter. Bravo et à bientôt"

− Bruno Germain

"Je voulais vous dire merci pour le bon moment que nous avons passé avec vous! Bravo!"

− René et Martine

"Il y a longtemps que je n'avais pas passé une si belle journée, bateau beau et propre, équipage parfait et l'ornithologue très intéressant. "

− Louise Petronzio



A superb, two-deck craft, able to accommodate 170 passengers. The lower deck features a dining room and lounge. On the upper deck, you’ll find the wheelhouse and solarium allowing passengers to admire the beauty of the scenery while remaining inside, sheltered from the sun. For those who prefer the feel of the breeze, an outside walk is perfect for sitting in the fresh air.


The Lachance III is a boat that will meet all your needs, providing both room and comfort. With sundeck and inside lounge, you’ll feel like you’re on your own private craft. Backed by a solid reputation, built over the years, the boat boasts all the amenities indispensable for complete enjoyment of your picturesque cruise of the Archipelago.